Sunshine Coast Surveyors- Why get your land surveyed

Settling common property discussions is important. Failing to do so might cause problems later on.  A professional Sun Shine coast surveyor can help solve this issue. The following are some of the reason why people believe in hiring a land surveyor. These include the following:


Defining boundary lines

This is one of the most common reason why people seek the services of a professional land surveyor. The location of the boundary lines is an important part of land possession. When one has to build a fence, this information helps them determine the exact boundary of their land and prevent them from getting into trouble with the neighbors. Having an accurate legal description of your property can help you from a great deal of trouble in the long run.


Help in understanding overlap and gap

The surveyor would analyze the discrepancy between your boundary and that of your neighbor. This hold especially important for people who have land which is located near alley or on high ways.


Defines right of way

A survey takes into account all the conditions imposed by the law and which should be reflected in the property title. It ensures that your property does not bock your neighbor’s way in any way. Even if it does they have an easement which allow them to cross your yard in order to get across the street.

Matters of joint driveways, rights of support and encroachment issue

Often enough people are not aware that they or their next door neighbors might need to support each other’s drive way.


Classifying zones

You should be aware that your property is zoned for residential or industrial use. These zoning classifications can greatly restrict the way in which you can use your property. The surveyor would ensure that you know all about these zones so that there is no breach of property.

When hiring Sunshine Coast surveryors, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Before hiring them, make sure they are properly qualified land surveyors. Their qualification would help ensure that they carry out their work in a proper manner
  • Do they specialize in any specific service which you are looking for?
  • Get to know whether they work locally or would they send over a professional to assess your property. However it’s better to go for local because e they are more familiar with the zoning law and restrictions and can serve you better.
  • Get to know if the provide independent services or whether they work for a bigger firm.
  • They should be recommended by the right kind of references. Recommendations count a great deal and you can be assured that you have hired the right person for the job.
  • The surveyors should also possess appropriate indemnity insurance. This would help you analyze exactly what their service cover.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help you find the right land surveyor in sunshine coast. Make sure that you talk to one today.





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