Do you need strategic advice to know how to internationalize your business ? Or what is the best way to manage corporate payment systems? The Mestiere Impresa network provides targeted advice to all companies thanks to BNL experts. There is a consultant for every need.

  1. Arianna Azzolini, Responsible for traditional products and payment systems;
  2. Stefano Belleggia, Green Desk Manager and alternative energy funding;
  3. Giancarlo Cesolari, Product manager of short, medium and long-term loans for companies and small businesses;
  4. Nicolò Gambino, Head of cash management and support for companies for collection and payment services;
  5. Luigi Giordano, Coordinator of international trade and exchange rate and interest risk hedging;
  6. Felice Nencioni, representative of the agricultural sector;
  7. Mario Santilli, Responsible for security solutions for business and businesses

In addition, the Mestiere Impresa network is also supported by a network of BNP Paribas Group partners to whom they can submit all the needs related to their business activity, including:

  1. Artigiancassa Spa, a company that deals with products and services to support craft businesses and SMEs;
  2. Arval Service Lease Italia Spa, leader in long-term rental and management of company fleets;
  3. BNL Finance Spa, a company specializing in the sale of one-fifth of salary and pension;
  4. BNL Leasing Spa, specialist in financing productive investments;
  5. BNL POSitivity Srl, a company specialized in the management of payments made with electronic money;
  6. Bureau Veritas Italia Spa, a company that provides conformity assessment and certification services in the areas of quality, health, safety, the environment and social responsibility in all economic sectors;
  7. Cardif Vita Spa, a company that provides financial and insurance services;
  8. Credifarma Spa, a financial company at the service of every requirement linked to pharmacists;
  9. EnLabs Srl, leading incubator and accelerator for startups in Europe;
  10. Ifitalia – International Factors Italia Spa, a leading factoring company in Europe, operating in 15 countries and 3 continents;
  11. L’Oreal Italia Spa; company that produces and sells perfumery products;
  12. PerMicro Spa, leading company in Italy in the granting of microcredit;
  13. Protos Spa, an independent Technical Advisory company;
  14. Ratio – Centro Studi Castelli Srl, a company that provides services for professional updating;
  15. Reseau Entreprendre Italia, a non-profit association that supports the creation and growth of SMEs.

It is possible to directly contact both the experts and the companies of the Group and ask them all the necessary questions to grow, relaunch and develop the business from a business consulting point of view.


A correct and effective business advice must accompany the company in a path that will lead it to make the right choices, limiting the possible losses in respect of those that are the objectives of business, growth and progress. Within this context the concept of performance is very important: defined as a goal, the right performance will be characterized by the activities put in place to achieve it, activities that can optimize time, resources and costs.

The field of business consultancy is so wide that the issues faced by consultants are varied and varied, in fact they can not be defined as universal actions: each company is self and each company will be driven to success according to different parameters and models.

The following are the topics – which also define the relative advantages – on which the business consultancy works:

  • To better understand what kind of company organization structure for the purpose of a more efficient production and a specific use of human resources able to meet the defined objectives;
  • Understanding which is the best way to distribute the work among the various business units;
  • Give human resources the right motivation to achieve business goals in the best possible way;
  • To help a team resource to behave in an appropriate manner in the face of the problems that may arise;
  • Understand what are the problems of an organization and implement a series of activities aimed at their resolution;
  • Define the correct strategy with respect to a problematic subject;
  • Monitor the results and understand if the road pursued to achieve the goals is giving the right ones;
  • Understanding which techniques are used to choose the people responsible for a project;
  • Understand what are the actions to acquire more customers and find suitable suppliers that will accompany the company towards the achievement of business objectives;
  • Understanding how to optimize the sales margin of an asset;
  • Define the actions to be taken to reduce waste and to have a correct ethical behavior, also with a view to corporate social responsibility ;
  • Understand what are the actions to create new opportunities and expand their turnover;
  • Understand how to manage the disturbing elements and internal disagreements that move away from the fixed objective;
  • Promote innovative activities, research and development with a view to greater competitiveness on the market.

In addition, for proper advice, SMEs can activate relationships with other companies in an online networking perspective . Networking, getting to know entrepreneurs and partners with whom to establish contacts and achieve goals in a collaborative way is a possible solution to overcome the moments of impasse that, especially at a particular moment like the one our economy is experiencing today, present themselves. With this in mind, exchanging knowledge, know-how and even business consulting is the best way to find a way out. Because it is together that one becomes great, because it is sharing the knowledge that one can face the great challenge called growth.

The benefits that can be drawn from a networking activity are manifold and can be summarized as follows:

  • Increase your business and enter into relationships with companies and partners with a view to constant and permanent development;
  • Share knowledge, skills and know-how that can be exploited for the benefit of the parties;
  • Networking to create a stronger system and “attack” the unexplored market and sectors in a strategic and advanced way;
  • Activate an innovation process by creating partnerships with young and avant-garde companies such as startups.

Business consulting, therefore, is a strategic tool , capable of identifying the resistance and blockages of a company’s productivity and directing management towards their resolution, also improving working conditions.

Business financing: how to talk with banks

When you go to the bank to ask for funding, you may be able to present yourself with :

  • a fluctuating turnover trend ;
  • knowledge only indicative of your financial needs;
  • a modest capitalization;
  • the need to renegotiate outstanding bank debt ;
  • request for credit for new projects or projects already started.

Most often you find :

  • difficult access to credit ;
  • an ever increasing demand for guarantees ;
  • modest valuation of the new capital introduced into the company, considered more a guarantee for obtaining repayment of the loans than a reason for improving creditworthiness;
  • the request for more qualitative and prospective information.

In short, you have difficulty talking to the bank and getting to a meeting point between your need for financing and the need for the bank to have sufficient guarantees to repay the loan

Present yourself with the party dress

To get out of this impasse in the bank-business relationship it is necessary to better identify the financial needs of your company and present yourself in an appropriate way to facilitate the dialogue with the bank interlocutors.

Similarly when you present yourself to a potential customer or supplier, even towards the bank you must first of all demonstrate that you want to act for business continuity , explain that the company has the resources and characteristics to stay on the market, which the property believes in the company and will continue to invest, there are skills for the growth and development of the business. So, the first step in establishing a proper dialogue with the bank is to introduce yourself with the party dress.

What reputation do you have on the market?

Also, do not forget to check what reputation you have on the market . Banks, customers, suppliers and, more generally, third-party lenders ask themselves if you are reliable, and what do you do to prove it?

Self-assessed, identify your needs and presented in a credible and transparent way to the market. This is the first step towards a conscious management of your commercial and financial relationships and Cerved’s Credibility can help you.