Old Man Emu Suspension

The Old Man Emu Suspension consists of a wide range of products designed to optimise a vehicle’s function for superior performance across all types of the road; whether the vehicle is being used for towing a camper trailer, competition purposes, or travelling on harsh outback roads. Any vehicle equipped with an Old Man Emu Suspension will have obviously improved performance in the vehicle’s carrying capacity and control characteristics.

The suspension system can be extremely complex, hence the need to pay special attention to determine and design the right fit for every car as each car has a peculiarity in the build with weight being a very critical factor.

The Old Man Emu Suspension is an integrated specialised 4WD suspension system that tries to emulate the Emu – a flightless Australian bird – that absorbs most of the resulting impact generated with its powerful legs when it runs, causing its body to remain almost motionless and allows its to move over all types of terrain.

Old Man Emu suspension options do not only provide parts to increase the vehicle’s ride height but provides a specialised, integrated system that offers maximum levels of comfort on every road terrain, increased load-carrying capability, efficient control characteristics, and maintain great stability even at high speed.

Old Man Emu Products

  • BP-51 Bypass Shock Absorbers: The product is a high-performance product targeted at delivering the ultimate control and comfort once used in a vehicle. They are vehicle specific designed to fit into the original position of the existing absorber without the need for modification. The additional benefits of this technology are that unlike other adjustable shock absorber providing adjustment for the compression only, this is an upgraded version that allows the vehicle to independently adjust both rebound and compression offering top-class ride customisation.
  • Coil Springs: With the coil springs, there is increased ride height, but more emphasis is placed on the improvement to ride control. When a vehicle is used for a remote area journey, a lot of stress will be put on the suspension components because of the need to carry sufficient fuel, water, safety equipment, and spare tires. But right coil springs will be installed to suit the vehicle and intended use. Coil springs are formed on precision mandrels, a durable coat finish and designed with the exact specifications for a perfect fit in the vehicle.
  • Steering Stabilisers: They are designed to minimise the effect of wheel vibration and improve the overall handling, feel and control of the vehicle. While travelling or driving on rough terrain, they will reduce the aggressive rotation of the steering wheel.
  • Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers: This is ranked amongst the most advanced and innovative shock absorber which delivers the best control and a comfortable ride even in rough terrain. It is able to instantaneously adapts to its terrain for an improved low and high-speed control for increased comfort and control.
  • Bushes and Hardware: These products are manufactured using high-quality raw material. They designed and moulded in captive moulds to ensure a high tolerance level. Using the offset correction bushes prevents the case of where the vehicle wanders and a vague steering feel. The unique design enables the durability under the harshest conditions.
  • Emu Dakar Leaf Spring: Its function is to provide an optimum ride performance, handling, and load-carrying capability regardless of the vehicle’s operating conditions. The tapered and diamond-cut leaves ensure the load is progressively distributed, hence reducing the stress that develops at the leaf ends.


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