Park furniture in Australia

A common goal for private and public parks is to ensure the comfort of the people who visit the premises. To achieve this goal, you should install park furniture that is carefully designed for comfort and to fit with the surrounding amenities of the park. A park that is well-furnished with essential park furniture such as litter bins, comfortable chairs, and bicycle stands will likely attract a lot of people. Other essential park products include tables, benches, ashtrays, flower pots, grills, fences, signs, dusting and drying stands, trunk guards, and posts, among others.

When choosing park furniture, it is essential to ensure that the products serve their purpose of getting people to leave their homes and visit the parks. Also choose park furniture that is safety certified. Selecting park furniture that is fully compatible with the theme of the park can be very challenging.


Factors to consider when buying park furniture in Australia

  • Design

Designs are the most crucial aspect of park furniture. The design of the park furniture can be used to communicate the intended theme of the park. For example, a technological theme or a conservation theme. Many park furniture manufacturers can customise their products according to the specifications of the client. Manufacturers are very committed to developing new designs to keep up with the current trends. They have experienced designers who analyse, advise, develop and test new designs for their clients.

  • Colour

The visualisation of the park is very crucial in attracting people. The colour scheme of the park furniture should match with the other furniture in the park. The surrounding buildings and other facilities in the park should also fit with the patterns of the furniture. Well established park furniture manufacturers have inexhaustible mix and match colour patterns which can be customised to your needs.


  • Material

Park furniture material should be ecological and user-friendly. The material should withstand the changing seasons and other extreme weather conditions. The commonly used material in park furniture is usually wood such as pine. If properly maintained, wooden park furniture is economically and ecologically sustainable. They are durable and can last for more than ten years. Being a natural material, wooden park furniture don’t have adverse effects on the people and the environment.

Stainless steel, coated metals and recycled plastic are other widely used materials for park furniture. Metal components in park furniture are coated to prevent them from corrosion and surface scratches. The coat also makes the furniture durable, shiny and soft to touch. Coated metals also tend to maintain their colours fresh and bright for a more extended period.

Park furniture can also be designed with a combination of several materials. For instance, wooden benches with coated metal stands. Such designs are prevalent because they incorporate the best features of each material.


  • Warranty

Different park furniture manufacturers have different warranties for their products. The guarantees may differ in the duration of the components which are covered by the warranty. You can establish the quality or the durability of certain park furniture products based on the period which the manufacturer is willing to cover the product. For example, steel components and high-pressure laminate (HPL) materials can be covered for up to 20 years while surfaced plywoods boards, rubber and rubber coated materials are protected for around three years. It is crucial to note that the warranties are valid if the products are installed and maintained as directed by the manufacturer.

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