Options for Built-in BBQ

You covet food prep and grill station for your outdoor space. You want a built-in BBQ stand with all the works such as bar seating and fridge. Yet, you don’t know what, where, and how to go about it.

Two different options for built-in BBQ

A cook spot in the backyard can be considered first-rate when it is created with all the trimmings. Two design options are given for the built-in BBQ grill, to include:


The prefab outdoor kitchen design is perfect for homes with a large backyard space and some extra cash to spend. Typically included in a prefab option are:

  • A built-in gas BBQ grill
  • 5-foot island clad in stucco
  • Doors for accessing propane tank
  • Tile counter

Extras can be orders a la carte. This includes:

  • A refrigerator
  • LED lighting
  • Granite counters


Counter space, integrated appliances, and storage are the things included in a customised built-in kitchen. This type of outdoor kitchen can either be crafted by a DIY homeowner or a pro. The idea for the customised outdoor kitchen is to match the style and materials to the existing surroundings of the home. Extras such as a pergola-style roof, bigger layout, and extensive lighting can be expensive. However, it can also be a dream outdoor kitchen for a homeowner.

Built-in outdoor kitchen game plan checklist

A built-in outdoor kitchen needs built-in appliances, electric, and plumbing works. A pro can help you set up the following:

  • Gather materials
  • Install hard scaping
  • Add built-ins
  • Hook up lighting
  • Run utility lines

The homeowner needs to do the following:

  • Buy appliances
  • Get the necessary permits

Advantages for building the outdoor kitchen close to the house

The closer the outdoor kitchen is to the house, the better. Here are the reasons for attaching the outdoor kitchen closer to the house:


Better protection and structure

You save more when you attach the outdoor kitchen to the walls of the house. The walls provide the protection and structure needed for the kitchen at zero cost. The smokehouse effect can be prevented by placing the built-in BBQ grill near the perimeter of the roof.

Easy accessibility

An outdoor kitchen adjacent to the house avoids hauling supplies and food across the lawn. Ideally, your indoor kitchen should have a distance of about 15 to 20 feet from the outdoor kitchen. Seating should be placed in an area that is not in the direct path of the setting sun. Doing it this way avoids guests from facing the direct rays of the sun.

Less expensive

A back door’s existing deck or patio can be used to build your outdoor kitchen. Doing this saves you the cost of paving. Utilities that run a shorter distance from the house cut the cost.

The best seating arrangement for your built-in BBQ

Guests or family tend to gather around the cook in the indoor kitchen. In the same way, guests will also congregate around the built-in grill in the outdoor kitchen. The best way to keep them out of the BBQ grill area is to give them places to sit down. Freestanding small chairs and table will do the trick.

A built-in BBQ grill included in a well-designed outdoor kitchen is the top home improvement style today. Do you think a built-in BBQ grill will add aesthetic value to your outdoor cooking? Explore your built in BBQ options, and choose the best one that fits your home and budget.

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